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First school in India with 3D printing

“Learning by creating” is another innovative step taken by Unised International. We have brought 3D printing inside classrooms. The objective behind adding this technology to our curriculum design is to improve student’s spatial intelligence. It can help your child not only to learn about solar system but also to investigate and interact with it.

3D printing helps you to create a 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and its physical object from a digital design. It offers an additive manufacturing process that helps your child to transform a 2D picture into 3D models. It refers to a manufacturing process in which material is laid down, layer by layer, to form a three dimensional object using plastic, resin or metal. It has left behind the traditional printing techniques that used to print impressions. 3D printing lets your child to create his own 3D map to know about the geography of an area.

Moreover, it supports kinesthetic learning that helps a child to retain information better by having a physical interaction with the concept. It improves understanding by building simulations and experimenting things. As it includes physical tasks so it builds your muscle memory and improves remembrance. It can’t be denied that practical knowledge is efficacious than theoretical learning. For instance, consider a student performing experiments with chemicals and lenses in chemistry and physics lab respectively, rather reading and cramming alphabetic formulae and lens positions. Any subject ultimately becomes your cup of tea when the idea successfully executes in your brain with required results. A student might feel tiresome if a mathematical problem doesn’t yield true results because except the concept, no resource remains available for him to explore further. In kinesthetic learning you have all the required resources to configure a problem.

3d printing turns everything hands-on. For this reason, it becomes a motivation for students who are unwilling or ignorant towards studies. It is capable of generating interest among non-performing students to make an effort for an offbeat question. It develops curiosity, confidence, vision and perception. Thus, burnishing a child’s reasoning ability and spatial intelligence.

It will change the way of learning, as until now students had learnt by understanding first, than picturing things. 3D printing technology gives them an advantage of accessing the models first, than building their concepts. It eliminates the assumption process as everything can be created and physically examined.

It also serves an advantage for teachers in saving their time to design their model for explaining things. On student side, it saves the effort of taking down notes and reading about the objects. These 3D objects reduce the effort required to read 100 pages of description to remember or understand something. Besides time consuming, 2D studying becomes monotonous that makes a child disinterested in studies. It also becomes difficult to visualize in 2D. For example, if you ask a student to visualize a mountain by giving him details about elevation and area of mountain, he’ll merely be able to perceive a mountain image rather focusing on details discussed by you. This happens because required dimensions of the problem are difficult to explore.

According to “The Economic times”, there will be a quantum leap in industries (and companies like Wipro, Hindustan Aeronautical Limited, Deloitte, Hp etc.) as 3d printing is going to be a new reality as everything from shoe to heart becomes printable. Moreover, in this pandemic time several universities and institutions across India which already have 3d printers are now using them to make face shields as well as ventilator splitters. Thence, with respect to above bulletin it is clear that 3D printing is going to make a remarkable learning procedure in future of education.


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