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Brad Winget’s Advice to Anyone Trying to Achieve Success as an Entrepreneur

Do your research and create a very clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Surround yourself with like-minded people who buy into your vision and want to help you build something special. Make sure you dot the I’s and cross the T’s with accounting, hiring, workforce services, HR, etc., so you fully understand how challenging it is to start a business and start making a lot of money. Find a mentor or multiple mentors who have already accomplished what you are wanting to accomplish. Invest in yourself, build your brand, and continue working on being the best version of yourself, avoiding addictions, negative people, and things that deter you from reaching your goals. Don’t rush it, take your time to do it right. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing—it’s not how fast you start the race but how you finish. The steady horse wins the race and your only competition is against yourself. Invest in learning, growing, reading, and avoiding all the problems and pitfalls you can by the mistakes of others. Learn about credit and how to build and maintain perfect credit. Learn how money works and how to best invest it and protect it. Meet with an asset protection attorney so you can fire-block your assets as they grow, and protect them from everyone else who wants to take what you have earned. Making a lot of money is just as hard as keeping it, so learn to preserve and protect it.

What is his long term vision?

To grow his brand and build something special for his wife and family to enjoy and be proud of. Something that his kids will want to join and learn from to create a “life by our own design.” Continue building his own personal real estate portfolio that creates a long-lasting residual income base while increasing in value. Help his kids do the same. Travel the world. Experience things that very few are fortunate enough enjoy. Help others create a better life through coaching, mentoring and continue being a positive influence and inspiration in other peoples’ lives.

Brad is currently the CEO of two different real estate-related companies while managing his real estate and mortgage businesses and helping clients navigate through the complexities of real estate on a day-to-day basis. Brad has flipped more than 700 homes and has closed more than 1,000 mortgages and 1,000 real estate transactions over his 25 year career, making him very distinguished in his field.

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