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Sarvenaz Sharifi: Shopping mall are not only for “Shopping ” any more, they are a focal point of socializing.

Multipurpose shopping malls are a tourist attraction of any city.

Today, multi-purpose shopping malls after the historical sites, of each Country are the first place visited by tourists and tourists who travel to any city or Country.

Even domestic tourists of each country, when traveling to different cities in their country, after visiting. The natural historical and cultural attractions of each city, visit the multi-purpose. Shopping centers of that city because these shopping Centers are no longer just a shopping aspect, buying souvenirs and memorials of any city or country is also one of the important reasons for turning multi-purpose shopping centers into one of the tourist attractions of any city. Now, with these interpretations it can be said that multi-major Shopping centers are the cultural and economic ambassadors of city or a country and museums reflect the pail of any country multi-purpose shopping malls are the ambassador of the situation in that society. The type of building Materials used in them, construction technology interior design and , quality of execution, type of architecture and arrangements of furniture and their introduction all indicate the culture and economic power of the community. Also, the culture of the officials of these centers is well illustrated by the way they treat their clients with the quality of service and respect for customers. Infact these people are the cultural ambassadors of their city or Country in the view of tourists. in the past markets played a key role in people’s leisure time and social inclinations and the use of market patterns and urban spaces in Iranian architecture has had a special place. In this place social and cultural events were widely held and people learned social relations and communications experimentally. Today shopping centers are design in on urban way and achieving new space patterns creating new shapes and forms in dance with the social and cultural characteristics of the clients and their social relations have been considered in order to meet the need of commerciale spaces to provide sports and cultural and recreational spaces. Social Change the use of data and create a suitable environment for social activities. When the famous international Crcus ‘Doslli Circus” announced that it would run for two weeks at the Toronto Mall, it promised a new mission for shopping malls around the world because shopping malls are no longer passages for show cases and shopping, they are from malls, They have changed their nature to Shopping Centers for social activities.

It should be noted that due to the increasing popularity and prevalence of online shopping in the world, due to tase of using online shop services and saving time and reducing transportation costs, it can be said that shopping Centers have a choice to survive. They only had to add to their charm to attract the audience. The ohio mall, for example, which opened in 1976, was the world’s largest mall, but it soon lost that number one position. In 2017 at the same time as the opening of 855.000 shipping Centers by the Amazon website, nearly 92% of these Shopping Centers were emptied. This meant that with the obsolencece of Shopping in the traditional centrifugal method, they had to offer services other than just shopping for their users, and this turned them into centers for families children and youth to spend their leisure time to meet the social need and psychological of today’s citizens It should be noted that the psychological needs of citizens refer to a historical issue in human life In the past, spates such as bazaars in the Orient and the opera House and Roman baths in the arrest of the earth, along with their main service created a Gassip atmosphere for citizens Gassip was once a place to see more Strangers in the cities, to learn about rumors of abscentecism, to see members of ruling * and to exchange information to day. Nowdays with the advancement of technology and changing human in the need for gasp spaces and memorabilla and urban visits to places to learn about new fashions, new movies a new books and in general, from other citizens, citizen are aware of it. of course, the reason for the success and popularity of cyberspace E such as Facebook and Instagram is to meet the same human needs, another innovation that was formed in the construction and design of shopping malls was the creation of free entertainment and show spaces. Until today the process of enjoying the shows and performances has been such that in order to see them people have to pay for tickets and sit down to watch them.

But today, in successful shopping malls around me at the world such as “Dubai Mall, this tread has Changed fundamentally. All kinds of entertainment in this place, such as watching the tallest tower in the world, the beautiful dance of music water front, visiting its unique aquarium and walking on her hand street are Completely free and open to the public. This transformed f luxury shopping malls from luxury and anisto cratic spaces into urban spaces for the use and enjoyment of all classes of society which has also played a significant role in reconciling the different classes of society of with each other and beating vitality in the citizen. The next thing that will be worth noting about the need to design and build Commercial centers is that giren that human beings today are more nurtured than in the past and with the development of air conditioning systems in homes and cars citizens. I tend to use their leisure time with their families. They have spaces that are cool in summer and I warm and pleasant in winter and shopping malls respond well to this need.

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