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Astro Farsi Sally perspective on mystical sciences and being a seeker

If the mystic is meant as a seeker in theoretical mysticism, then one can experience the seven stages of mysticism without being familiar with theoretical mysticism. If the mystic means to experience practical mysticism, it must be said that man becomes a mystic by going through the stages to reach the goal; Otherwise, he is only a seeker and yet to become a mystic. Knowledge is the prelude to action and action is the prelude to subsequent knowledge. In practical seeking, “knowledge” is awakening and leading to the domination of one’s being. This knowledge leads to be active and compete in goodness and perfection, and any action that is accompanied by pure intention will lead to the next knowledge. Therefore, a mystic who, in addition to investigating in concepts of the universe, God, human beings, and the understanding the relationship of these three to each other, is fully aware of the issues and contents of theoretical mysticism, their practical and practical mysticism will have more depth and impacts. According to what has been told previously, it can be said that the seven stages of mysticism cannot be experienced without being a seeker and practicing the path of worshiping God. These stages can be completed by stepping on the path and with the supervision of an experienced and knowledgeable master. The seven steps that the seeker must go through are:


At this stage, the seeker is completely disturbed in seeking and trying with perseverance and endurance to gain knowledge, they do not rest and keep on making efforts and expectations.


At this stage, the seeker for the finite intellect abandons the limited and rational brain, and with the power of love, endures all the unfortunate events, failures, and sufferings to reach the beloved, and they will burn in love with no hesitation.


At this stage, the seeker of God’s path, as a result of caring for obedience to the Almighty, perishes his humanity and immerses himself in knowing the eternal God, and enjoys nominal manifestations and attains spiritual kingdom.


At this stage, the seeker, by removing physical belongings, becomes free from material and sensory means and benefits from the manifestations of God’s attributes.

Abstraction and monotheism

At this stage, the seeker sees the “eternal shine” in the instinct of all radiant beings and all multiplicities in that unparalleled essence are depreciable.


At this stage, the seeker becomes unaware of himself and others, and does not know whether they even exist or not? Are they mortal or not? At this stage, the seeker’s heart is dominated by the wisdom, the hidden and spiritual secrets, and divine treasures that appear to them, and without thought control or the intervention of imagination, they turn into words.

Poverty and Annihilation.

At this stage, the seeker has attained the status of the inherent manifestation of truth (the status of guardianship) and finds nothing but pure existence and absolute existence, and his instinct is cleansed of terrestrial issues and absolute annihilation turns to them.

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