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Smartphones with Mixed Reality Headsets

Inspired by Apple Vision Pro, the Caviar ‘Vision’ iPhone 15 Pro

The well-known premium tech modification firm produced the Caviar ‘Vision’ iPhone 15 Pro smartphone as an unexpected tribute to one of Apple’s other products.

The smartphone features a backplate that discreetly integrates its form into the design, drawing inspiration from the Apple Vision Pro headset. The glass back of the smartphone has been replaced with a titanium plate, with the different colour accents made of jewelry-grade enamel.

There are just 99 Caviar ‘Vision’ iPhone 15 Pro smartphones available, and they are priced at $8,060 and $9,060 for the 128GB and 1TB variants, respectively. The consumers who like the spatial computing headset may find the smartphones to be popular.

Trending Subjects

1. Luxurious Tech Modifications: The Caviar ‘Vision’ iPhone 15 Pro, which was influenced by the Apple Vision Pro headset, has sparked a trend in luxury tech modifications.

2. Spatial Computing Integration: The Caviar ‘Vision’ iPhone 15 Pro smartphone, which honours Apple’s product design, is a prime example of spatial computing integration.

3. Limited Edition cellphones: Customers wanting exclusivity are catered to by limited edition cellphones, such as the 99 Caviar ‘Vision’ iPhone 15 Pro models.

Industry Consequences

1. Luxury Technology: For sophisticated smartphone adaptations, the luxury technology sector can investigate cutting-edge designs and materials.

2. Spatial Computing: For better user experiences, the spatial computing sector offers chances to incorporate features inspired by headsets into smartphone designs.

3. Consumer Electronics: To draw in tech aficionados and collectors, consumer electronics companies can leverage the allure of limited edition products.

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