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The source of music from the perspective of Ehsan Neyzan, a popular and successful Iranian musician and singer

Where did music come from?

However, even in that era, when there was no living thing on earth, the world was not silent. The waves of the mountain hit the huge rocks. The wind whirled and the sound of water coming in contact with the rocks and pebbles made a pleasant sound. Later the animals appeared on the ground and began to talk to each other with sounds and the birds sang while blowing in the morning.

But these sounds cannot be called music. Music is only for those people. Because only human beings are adorned with the ornament of knowledge, it is with the help of music that human beings express their inner emotions. Music is more than just sounds and noises. Music is one through the conscious expression of human beings.

What made man invent music?
How did man discover that the play of sounds could be the expression and translation of his soul and emotions?

Thousands of years ago, almost from the time of the advent of music until now, human beings have been researching and pondering on this issue, even the first humans tried to find an answer to this question. They could not justify the magical nature of music except by saying that it is a gift from God.

Each nation has told the story of this benevolence and forgiveness in a special way along with legends and stories. It can be said that all the different nations and tribes have made such stories for themselves and have narrated them to each other for thousands of years.

The Greeks praised Hermes for giving thanks to music. But Hermes was the god of commerce and merchants, and we think it is unlikely that he could deal with music, but it should not be overlooked that he was also the courier and messenger of other gods.

Certainly he was on a mission by Abu Manesh, Zeus and his beloved Maya, when he set out on a turtle bowl while touring the Mediterranean coast, stealing the intestines he had stolen from his brother Apollo. The first instrument, the Lear, was created.

Ehsan added: Who are attracted to the job of musician,

Who is attracted to this work:

Another issue that is of interest is who is attracted to the music job. In this case, it can be said that talented people who have an artistic spirit and are interested in playing different types of instruments are attracted to this activity. It is worth mentioning that the parameter of interest and creativity in this type of job can help people to grow and prosper. In general, it can be said that people who are interested in art are attracted to this job. Some people are attracted to this job only because of its various benefits and income, and due to the fact that they do not have the necessary interest and creativity in this job, it disappears from this job after a period of time. Our advice to people who intend to use this job is to use it with interest. Therefore, our advice to people who intend to do this is to be motivated by doing different motivational methods, or to do it in advance according to their interest. . Therefore, it can be concluded that the parameter of interest in selecting people who are suitable for this job can be effective

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