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As the struggle carry on with new Google phone, old Android auto issues

Google has dispatched the Pixel 5 half a month prior, yet as the gadget begins delivery to the primary clients over the world, clients go over different issues that should be fixed as quickly as time permits.

Android Auto makes no exemption, obviously, as the Google Pixel 5 is now hitting the main glitches when attempting to associate with head units in specific vehicles.

All the more explicitly, there are investigates reddit (here and here) that Google Pixel 5 either can’t interface at all and run Android Auto or the application just crashes haphazardly for no unmistakable explanation.

Curiously, the entire thing is frequently brought about by the link that is utilized to control Android Auto, as the Google Pixel 5 no longer works with the old lines that a few people depended on to run the application in their vehicles.

As such, when you get a Pixel 5, you may need to discard your old link, as the telephone needs another one for reasons unknown.

“Had the equivalent! Attempt various links. Couldn’t trust it myself, since the link worked with each other telephone however the Pixel yet in the wake of attempting an alternate one it worked,” one client clarifies on reddit.

“Just on the off chance that people do run into this, I evidently illuminated this by trading out my USB-A to USB-C link. The one I had was an Anker, which are normally very acceptable, so not certain why the telephone didn’t care for it,” another person clarifies.

Obviously, the latest Pixel 5 update doesn’t bring any change for these clients, so essentially exchanging links ought to do the stunt for everyone.

Shockingly, finding a rope that just works is by all accounts a significant test now and again, yet as we previously took in the most difficult way possible, this is something that happens way time after time in the Android Auto world.

Until further notice, Google has remained totally quiet on everything identified with the Pixel 5 Android Auto issues.


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