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First Mobile Device To Include A Multispectral Imaging Camera

By including the first multispectral camera in a smartphone, Spectricity—the multispectral imaging provider for high-volume and mobile devices—is displaying its revolutionary color-matching technology and enabling “true colours” in smartphone images.Every user is aware of the potential for smartphone cameras to malfunction, from inaccurate skin tone portrayal to mismatched colour samples. This is due to the fact that cellphones are essentially colorblind. They are not good at measuring colour.

Spectricity’s fundamental innovation lies in its groundbreaking “S1” multispectral camera, which offers the data required for precise colour reproduction. The camera provides a true colour picture of everything from paint to skin tone since it is more accurate at determining colour than the human eye. All speculation is eliminated with this spectral camera; smartphone images will now have true-to-life colours.

Within two years, Spectricity’s breakthrough may be found in every smartphone, as photography and camera capabilities are key factors driving smartphone upgrades. Nearly all of the top smartphone manufacturers are now testing it, and it is expected to have a big commercial influence on the consumer electronics market.

Its use goes well beyond aesthetics and into e-commerce, as the advancement will enable a more precise evaluation of the colour of items made online as well as genuine skin tone. Wide-ranging opportunities are also presented by the application of Spectricity’s camera in the medical industry; for instance, it can be used to enhance online disease tracking and health and wellbeing recommendations.

“This camera brings unprecedented colour accuracy from laboratory instruments to phones,” said Vincent Mouret, CEO of Spectricity. The detected colour and the true colour are typically indistinguishable to the unaided eye.

Spectricity’s CTO, Jonathan Borremans, states: “Every smartphone vendor acknowledges the issue and is working to find a solution. Spectricity has the best chance of providing the necessary technologies to address the problem. Yole Development predicts that by 2026, these spectral cameras will be standard in all phones.

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