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Apple’s Vision Pro Now Supports Adobe’s Firefly and Lightroom Programs

With the latest news from Adobe, it looks like creatives may find value in Apple’s Vision Pro. The US-based company has stated that it would be adding two significant apps to the Vision Pro: Firefly and Lightroom.

Firefly is a generative AI tool that was created specifically for visionOS and assists users in creating artwork while wearing the Vision Pro headset. Every image that has been produced has the ability to be dragged and dropped onto desks, walls, and other real-world objects in an effort to make the entire process as immersive as possible.

Adobe also revealed that it is developing a new tool that would enable the creation of 360-degree environments, wrap-around panoramas, and much more. It’s crucial to note that Adobe’s Firefly AI tool is now accessible on XR devices for the first time.

However, creating photos with Adobe’s Firefly AI tool is not free. Text to image usage will cost “0 credits for a limited time,” according to the firm, although new pricing plans will be revealed on March 1, 2024.

25 generative credits are now included in Adobe’s free Firefly plan each month; if you need more, you may purchase 100 credits for $4.99 a month.

Adobe is also releasing Lightroom for visionOS in addition to Firefly. If you have a strong interest in photo editing, this will most likely be the most engaging experience you have.

In related news, Adobe has announced that Fresco and Behance would be available on the Vision Pro. However, the company has not yet disclosed a release date for this.

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