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Apple Plans To Release A 7-8″ Foldable Device In 2026–2027

2026 or 2027 may see the release of Apple’s first foldable gadget, according to a recent story citing “industry sources” in Korea. According to certain rumours, it could replace the iPad mini in Apple’s lineup because of its internal screen size, which is estimated to be around 7-8″.

Its features and specifications, however, are still being worked out. Moreover, Apple is testing an OLED-screening version of the iPad mini, which would be pointless if it were to be immediately discarded in favour of the foldable.

In related news, it has been stated that Apple is getting ready to launch OLED panels for its iPad Pro lineup later this year. It wouldn’t happen until the next year: an OLED iPad mini.

Apple allegedly received samples of foldable screen panels in the 6″ and 7″ size ranges from Samsung Display and LG Display, respectively. It appears that Apple intends to take things a step further with what may be its debut foldable device.

Nevertheless, considering Samsung Display’s extensive experience selling foldable panels to Samsung Electronics, it’s quite likely that Apple will place panel orders with them first, if and when it decides to move forward with this. Should Apple choose to use two suppliers, LG Display is probably going to begin producing foldable screens in large quantities for the company a year ahead of Samsung.

Subsequently, or most likely in 2028, Apple may also introduce a 20.25-inch foldable product under the iPad or Mac brands. Naturally, the internal, foldable screen is meant to be referred to by the 20.25″ size.

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