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Apple is Going to Provide Affirm as a Buy Now, Pay Later Alternative

As one of several previously promised improvements, Apple revealed on Tuesday that users of its operating system will soon have the option to select “buy now, pay later” loans through the startup Affirm.

As part of the upgrades that will be included in iOS 18, which will be published in the autumn, consumers in the United States will be able to utilize Affirm when they use Apple Pay.

In an email statement, Affirm stated, “This provides users with additional payment choices, and offers the ease, convenience and security of Apple Pay alongside the features users love in Affirm – flexibility, transparency and no late or hidden fees,”

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) decided in May to categorize Affirm and other well-known “buy now, pay later” services as credit cards in an effort to strengthen consumer safeguards for suers. This decision led to the creation of an extra option for Apple Pay users.

Affirm’s service, along with that of other businesses like Klarna and PayPal, enables customers to pay for goods in interest-free installments.

Affirm stated that it was “encouraged” by the CFPB’s announcement to support “consistent industry standards.”

On the other hand, Klarna called the CFPB’s failure to recognize the key distinctions between credit cards and [buy now, pay later] “baffling.”

The new operating systems for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, which were unveiled during the company’s annual developer’s conference, will all receive upgrades, including the Apple Pay update.

The business also revealed improvements to Apple’s own artificial intelligence features through Apple Intelligence and developments in Siri, along with a noteworthy cooperation with OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT into Apple products.

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