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The DxOMark Premium Smartphone Camera Rankings Place the Xiaomi 14 in Third Place

The Xiaomi 14 was released in late 2017 and debuted globally last month. As a result, more evaluations and test findings of the Android flagship have been released. One of the most recent reviews is from DxOMark, which rated the smartphone based on its photographic prowess.

Despite placing 28th overall, the handset performed exceptionally well in the luxury smartphone market. The Xiaomi 14 is ranked third among phones that fall into the $600–$800 price range on this DxOMark ranking section. The phone received an overall score of 138 out of the test results. In contrast, the Google Pixel 8, which is the first phone in the segment and is available on Amazon, had an overall score of 148.

The Xiaomi 14 received 137 points in Photo, 55 in Bokeh, 73 in Preview, 134 in Zoom, and 138 in Video when it came to the score breakdown. These sub-scores have the following highest points: 160, 80, 91, 158, and 158, in that order. The smartphone camera has also been rated by DxOMark based on scenarios and usage patterns.

DxOMark’s testing indicate that the Xiaomi 14 excels at taking group and portrait shots as well as movies. It performs admirably in low light, indoor, and outdoor photography. The phone provided “accurate target exposure” and a “fairly neutral white balance” in all test conditions, according to the camera benchmarking lab.

The lab has not only highlighted the positive features but also the places where the Xiaomi 14’s camera configuration falls short. One of them is exposure adaption problems, which the smartphone has produced under the “most tested conditions.”

Additionally, DxOMark noted “low contrast on faces” in situations with strong lighting and backlighting.

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