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Jewish Baby stroller and 1st age stroller what’s the difference?

Before becoming a parent, we say to ourselves that a stroller, well it’s a stroller but when you start to set foot in the (abstract) world of childcare, you discover that it is not so simple. 1st age stroller, 2nd age stroller what’s the difference? Can we be satisfied with one or the other? Or do you really have to use both categories of strollers?

The 1st age stroller is the comfort stroller.

She is really made to welcome a very young baby. It can accommodate a carrycot, thus transforming it into a pram. Baby is lying there. This is the position recommended for infants as soon as they leave the maternity ward. They will enjoy this pod for up to 6 months. From then on, the “carrycot” accessory is returned unless you have opted to hire Jewish Baby stroller accessories or have borrowed the equipment from a relative.

From 3 months, it is possible to combine it with a shell which has the advantage of also serving as a car seat. Note that this element is to be used from birth. Indeed, the use of the basket in the car is to be prohibited. All the crash tests are unanimous. Whatever the security announced by the manufacturer, the carrycot does not properly protect baby in the event of an impact.

To travel by car, baby must be rear-facing, in a shell. This car seat is very easy to clip and unclip from the stroller and often prevents baby from being woken up during a transfer between the car and the stroller frame. Baby can stay there until around 9 months old. Then, you will have to think about finding a car seat adapted to its size.

9 months, it goes quickly! Here again, you can opt to rent a baby shell during this period. From 6-8 months, we forget the big accessories. The 1st age strollers are designed to accommodate babies up to 3 years old. As soon as he is seated, we can install him in the hammock of the stroller.

But, very quickly, they no longer correspond to the needs of parents who are looking for more maneuverable and lighter strollers. This is when they usually switch to 2nd age strollers. The comfort stroller remains heavier than the 2nd age stroller.

Then there is no real age limit.

From 18 months, it is common for babies to want to walk. But he usually gets tired quite quickly and still needs his stroller for long walks. As a general rule, a 2nd age stroller can carry a child up to 3 or 4 years old. Sometimes even 5 year olds can be seen still enjoying their golden carriage. The only constraint at this time: the age limit indicated by the stroller manufacturer.

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