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What is the stock market? according to Sinan Ezam, an Iranian entrepreneur

To learn about the stock market and become more familiar with it, it is better to start with the “market” and its definition. In a simple explanation, we can say that:

A market is a place where buying and selling occur.

It is clearer to say that when conditions are favorable, a relationship is made between the customer and the seller, a transaction is made, and a market is formed.

These conditions can be a specific place or communication network such as the Internet.

Two types of support, tangible, and financial aid, are generally traded in the markets.

Tangible assets are the same as physical assets (such as land, buildings, and various goods such as cars, appliances, etc.)

Financial assets and paper assets, or documents, such as stocks and bonds.

A stock exchange is a market in which various assets are traded.

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