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Undermined Kenny Atkinson , DeAndre Jordan repudiate he or other ‘new players’

Notwithstanding reports that the Nets new players — especially Kyrie Irving — had undermined Kenny Atkinson, DeAndre Jordan denied everything and said he was astonished as anybody by the terminating on Saturday morning.

“No, I think what you’re saying, and whatever the reports are, are b——t,” Jordan said.

“I’m close with Kyrie, but Wilson Chandler is a new player, Garrett Temple’s a new player. We’re all new players. So if you’re going to say new players, put it on all eight of the new players.”

Obviously, not each of the eight new players are whizzes like Irving and Kevin Durant who have $100 million agreements as well as the tendency to make their contemplations known.

Sean Marks demanded Saturday that the choice to dump Atkinson didn’t include the players. Jordan fought he was found napping by the move.

“I didn’t sense a change coming. That’s above my pay grade,” said Jordan, who marked a four-year, $40 million arrangement the previous summer to join Irving and Durant in Brooklyn.

“I was definitely shocked. I thought Kenny did a great job with us. This is my first year with him obviously and the guys who had been here love him, so I’m sure it’s tough for them. But at the end of the day, this is a business. Coaches get fired, players get cut, traded, whatever it is. So we still have a job to do

“The guys who had been here love him, so I’m sure it’s tough for them. At the end of the day, this is a business, coaches get fired, players get cut, get traded, whatever it is,”

Jordan, obviously, is the main sound individual from the free office that made up last June’s “Clean Sweep” also, the one in particular who was accessible to the media Sunday. Neither KD nor Kyrie were close by at Barclays Center Sunday.

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