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The iPhone 15 Pro might highlight haptic solid-state volume and power buttons

The next-gen iPhone 15 Pro models might trade its physical volume and power buttons for solid-state versions that use haptic feedback, expert Min-Chi Kuo wrote in a tweet spotted by MacRumors. The design would be like the non-physical home button on the iPhone 7, which used a Taptic Engine to simulate a button press with vibrations. It could likewise look like Mac trackpads, which don’t move yet reproduce clicks using comparable haptic technology.

Making this work would require extra Taptic Engines on top of the one currently in current iPhone models. “There will be Taptic Engines located on the internal left and right sides to provide force feedback to make users feel like they are pressing physical buttons,” said Kuo in a tweet thread. “Due to this design change, the number of Taptic Engines used in each iPhone will increase from the current one to three.”

Apple was supposedly planning a comparable change for the Watch to increment water resistance, as indicated by a 2018 rumor, yet it won’t ever work out. It’s not clear the way that a buttonless design would help an iPhone, however, as it seems like two extra Taptic Engines would add as opposed to diminish complexity (an enormous part of the Watch Ultra’s heft is expected to the monstrous Taptic Engine).

Kuo said that the buttonless design and switch to USB-C (which Apple previously affirmed) would be two of the significant changes for the next iPhone Ace models. Kuo is much of the time right about things like this, yet the iPhone 15 models are as yet a year away, so a lot can change meanwhile.

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