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The Excursion of Jatinder Singh Walia: The Conqueror of Real Estate Industry

The excursion of Jatinder Singh Walia to fame is indeed a remarkable inspiration for a lot of people out there. The modern progressive world has opened the door for a lot of opportunities for people and one of them is the real estate industry. The real estate industry is becoming bigger every day. So it has become a popular target for the businessmen to earn profit. However, only the ones with proper strategy and talent can stand in the enormous competition, Jatinder Singh Walia is one of them. He not only made a remarkable impact through his business in India but also internationally. Coming from a small town he has become a significant inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs. So let’s look into the life of Walia.

Jatinder Singh Walia earn a lot of prominence in the Dubai Market

Walia started his journey in this industry as a builder. However, over a few times his ambition and talent took him into the path of the real estate industry. He was born into a middle class Punjab family. He completed his studies from the school and Colleges of Punjab. He has started working from a very young age along with studies. Later on, he gained a lot of success after founding his own real estate company. Furthermore, he has also expanded his business in the land of opportunities Dubai. As we all know, Dubai is a modern  industrialized country so competition is very high there. However, it didn’t stop Walia with his years of hard work and experience he has successfully established an empire of his own in this country. He successfully established many businesses including business set-up services, co-working space and rental car services. All of his ventures earned a remarkable growth which can be said to be the reason behind his lavish lifestyle.

However, the first step in this enormous success he took from his own country, India. His company founded many prominent properties in his hometown Kapurthala, including a Domino’s Pizza venture and Gurpax mall. Apart from that he also established many ventures in Jalandhar as well.

Walia is currently in his 60s enjoying his success to the fullest. However, age is just a number for him as he doesn’t have any plans for retirement sooner. For now the future will tell how much bigger his empire will become.

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