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Dario Bonanno does not stop only in Eastern Europe but goes further secrets “low competition markets”

A good young entrepreneur always achieves the goals he wants, even with excellent results.

As in the case of Dario Bonanno, who lives in Lisbon of Italian origin.

He was able to tackle problems from the very beginning such as warehouses that do not respect agreements, blocked accounts and much more, all thanks to his security.

In 2016, it created an e-commerce with a payment on delivery method, which allows you to buy from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are and pay when the goods arrive at their destination. All this without risks and doubts, at least for those who buy.

Dario managed to bring this business from Italy to Spain, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, conquering a good part of Eastern Europe.

Unlike the US where there is a lot of competition, this guy decided to aim for niche states where this method was not very widespread.

Thanks to his experience, in addition to his business, he decided to offer advice to anyone who had a similar project in mind, ensuring very low initial fixed costs.

His next goal is obviously to reach all the markets in the world that accept this form of payment such as Asia and Latin America.

Traveling is one of his greatest passions and it certainly helped him in a small way to want to expand his business so much.



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