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Two Supermoons, Including A Rare Blue Moon, Will Be Visible In The Night Sky In August

There will be two very special full moons in August.

The month will start off with the full Sturgeon Moon on Tuesday, August 1, and it will end with another full moon — an uncommon heavenly occasion known as a blue moon — on Wednesday, August 30.

Additionally, these two full moons will be supermoons: the term for when a full moon occurs simultaneously it arrives at its nearest highlight Earth in a month. Supermoons can happen a couple of times every year, as per, and can make the moon seem more splendid and bigger, particularly while it’s ascending along the skyline.

These two full moons are the second and third supermoons to fall in succession this late spring, to be trailed by one more supermoon in September.

According to The Old Farmers Almanac, the month of August was historically the best time to catch these prehistoric fish, hence the name “Sturgeon Moon.”

In the mean time, as per NASA, “blue moon” has been utilized since the 1940′s as a name for the subsequent full moon in a schedule month. Blue moons are genuinely intriguing, commonly happening just once every a few years.

For some additional late spring stargazing enchantment, this specific blue moon will be Earth’s nearest full moon in 2023, and will impart the sky to the last part of the darling yearly Perseid meteor shower.

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