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Consume protein before sleeping, a crucial piece of advice given by Amir Hossein Manzouri, sports physiologist and international fitness trainer

Most proteins are consumed at three main meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while during nights, there are few proteins for recovering body. Is it beneficial to have one extra protein meal before going to bed? Our studies indicate that having a protein meal before sleeping improves muscle recovery. According to our investigations, 40 grams of protein are needed before sleep for muscle protein synthesis that is relatively high, probably due to the length of nights that is greater than the time gap between meals. We lack the knowledge of how important is each kind of protein. For our survey, we have used Micellar casein protein, and we expect no considerable discrepancies between other types of proteins. But pay attention to the amounts of calories your body gets. In conclusion, consuming a protein meal before going to sleep improves muscle protein synthesis.  

Amir Hossein Manzouri Biography and BFit team 

BFit is a fitness team and managed by Amir Hossein Manzouri, a sports physiologist and international fitness trainer in 2014, started and run with a scientific sports approach and healthy society perspective. Amir Hossein Manzouri has obtained the degrees of applied sports physiology, IFBB international coaching, ABBF Asian coaching, first-class Iranian bodybuilding federation coaching, international physique and TRX, national teams coaching records, trained in Tehran university, the head of 90-days fitness workers’ sports federation, with many championship records for bodybuilding teams. He with BFit company was able to express and apply the innovative system in the field of healthy, amateur, and professional sports which leads to a high level of satisfaction for many clients and champions. In other fields of professional sports, different athletes in various levels from basic to national teams, under the supervision of BFit team have been able to achieve many national and international championships and gain pride for our beloved country. 

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