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T-Mobile SASE Safeguards Company Apps, Networks, And Aata

T-Mobile unveiled T-Mobile SASE, a network management and ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) platform that enables users to safely connect staff members, systems, and endpoints to distant networks, business resources, and applications.

It’s the first SIM-based SASE solution as well as the first in the country to give users a secure network slice just for SASE traffic. These elements are made to make it simpler than ever for businesses to safeguard network resources and corporate data from virtually anywhere.

Organisations are increasingly turning to software-based solutions like SASE to help protect themselves from assaults as the global average cost of a single data breach reached an expected $4.45 million in 2023, up 15% from 2020. However, compared to hardware-based security solutions, software-based security solutions can present some hazards and have potential for improvement.

For instance, traditional, software-based SASE only provides security after client software is installed and configured on devices. For IT organisations, this requires a significant administrative effort and may expose some equipment, such as routers and IoT hardware, to security risks.

T-Mobile and Versa Networks collaborated extensively to develop T-SIMsecure, a SIM-based SASE solution that employs clientless authentication using International Mobile Subscriber Identity and International Mobile Equipment Identity. Because of this hardware-based component, devices connected to the T-Mobile network are automatically authorised through the SIM card, which reduces administrative complexity and makes the job of IT and security teams easier.

Additionally, it provides better experiences for mobility workers that are constantly moving about, such frontline employees and field service personnel. IoT and routers, which can’t run conventional SASE software, are protected by the authorization’s pervasiveness and always-on nature. And regardless of carrier or Wi-Fi network, devices without a T-Mobile SIM can still download and configure the SASE device client.

The features of T-Mobile SASE go beyond SIM-based authorization. Additionally, it offers Secure Internet Access, which shields internet-connected devices from risks like viruses, spyware, and ransomware, as well as Private Access, which secures business applications and data on the corporate network.

Employees only receive business network access to the programmes and data they require to do their work from anywhere thanks to Private Access’s cutting-edge ZTNA-based approach to VPN.

Web filtering (secure web gateway), SaaS application security (Cloud Access Security Broker), and cutting-edge IT network security (next-gen firewall) are all characteristics of Secure Internet Access.

T-Mobile will also provide T-Mobile Security Slice, the first network slice in the United States specifically devoted to a commercial offering, as part of its SASE solution. T-Mobile’s 5G standalone (SA) network can be separated into numerous virtual networks, also known as slices, using new network management tools.

Since each slice can be configured independently, it is possible to isolate and modify them to fit the demands and specifications of certain application and service traffic, such as SASE. In addition to improved latency and quicker throughput compared to Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G non-standalone — and an additional layer of security and management — this offers T-Mobile SASE customers with 5G SA capable devices potentially significant advantages.

According to Callie Field, President of T-Mobile Business Group, “T-Mobile SASE with T-SIMsecure and Security Slice is just another example of innovation being delivered to our business and government customers. It also strengthens our resolve to use our 5G leadership for good. “This not only completes and broadens our security portfolio to provide protection for corporate networks, applications, and data,” the company said.

By the end of the year, businesses and organisations will be able to access this new security solution, which includes T-SIMsecure, SASE device client, Private Access, Secure Internet Access, and T-Mobile Security Slice.

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