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The First Update For The Champion Brings Hasselblad Master Mode To The OnePlus 12

The OnePlus 6.48GB update is known as Oxygen OS v14.0.0.404 (EX01).

With this upgrade, the Pro mode in the camera app is replaced with the Hasselblad Master mode. Before shooting a picture, one can adjust the saturation, contrast, sharpness, and vignette thanks to the Hasselblad mode. The Hasselblad Master mode still allows you to adjust the camera manually or to leave it in automatic mode.

The update’s official changelog can be found here:


  • ProXDR is now compatible with the Google Photos app.
  • increases the stability of the system.
  • increases the fingerprint unlocking success rate.


increases the Wi-Fi network connections’ compatibility and stability.
increases the NFC function’s compatibility and enhances its stability.
increases the Bluetooth connection’s compatibility and stability.


  • includes the Master mode, which uses Hasselblad colour correction to give your images a more bright, realistic look.

Professional photographers frequently utilise Hasselblad medium format cameras because of their remarkable quality and precision. The brand has a rich past that includes its cameras being utilised to take famous pictures during the Apollo moon missions. Hasselblad has increased its impact in recent years by collaborating with smartphone makers to improve mobile photography.

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