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On Mekahel Starting a new Non Profit to help currently and formerly incarcerated LGBTQ individuals

Model, businessman and TV personality On Mekahel announced the start of TheOD foundation with his husband Dave.

The idea behind TheOD foundation is Understanding the unique and isolating struggle that comes with being a member of the LGBTQ community within the criminal justice system, the goal of TheOD Foundation explaining the couple is to provide emotional and counseling support services to currently and formerly incarcerated LGBTQ individuals.

TheOD goal is to raise awareness to the discrimination and abuse that members of the LGBTQ community are subjected to behind prison walls, while providing preventative and after-care support to those in need.

The systems of our lives create communities within communities that need an extra helping hand.

On shared earlier this week on his instagram stories how excited he is to change the way LGBTQ members being treated and how excited he is to create a change and give support to those who need.

On was also calling to his followers to share with him their stories from correction facilities as lgbtq members for a documentary he is working on as part of TheOD movement.

Mekahel and his team these days working on reaching out to therapists and supporters to get the movement going.

If you want to join and support TheOD foundation or if you want to share your story to On’s documentary,

Email TheOD Foundation at

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