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Software Update for Galaxy S24 Should Address Issues with the Display and Camera

Samsung said on Wednesday that the Galaxy S24 series would receive a software update that will improve different camera features and add more display configuration options. The update was released in response to several online concerns regarding the display and camera of the Galaxy S24.

On February 22, the update will start to roll out to owners of the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra. It will enable users to modify the display’s vividness level using a slider located under the display settings. This improvement is especially crucial because people have expressed dissatisfaction with the current vivid setting on Reddit and in Samsung’s user forums, saying it looks too washed out. According to a user on X who goes by the handle Ice Universe and regularly leaks information about future Samsung devices, the tech giant is currently working on a cure for this issue.

Additionally, Samsung is changing the way that cameras are shot, including the zoom, night mode, portrait mode, and ability to film videos using the back camera system. Although the business hasn’t said what those changes will include, they are a response to internet criticisms regarding the S24 Ultra’s zooming skills. For example, X user S M A Sithick complained about a glitch when switching from 1x to 5x magnification on the Galaxy S24 Ultra and described pictures as “grainy.”

While not directly mentioning these complaints, Samsung stated in a blog post that the modifications are “based on your feedback.” On our review units of the Galaxy S24, CNET did not encounter any of the aforementioned problems.

According to a Samsung spokesman, the new software should enhance language recognition and accuracy in addition to camera and display upgrades. This is significant because one of the Galaxy S24’s most notable new features is the new language translation capabilities included in Galaxy AI.

Not just Samsung, a well-known tech corporation, has received backlash after a significant smartphone release. In October, Apple issued a software update in response to user complaints over the iPhone 15 Pro’s overheating. Following the discovery of camera problems by CNET’s Andrew Lanxon and Stephen Shankland, Google also released an update for the Pixel 8 Pro.

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