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Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra: The February Update’s Changelog Includes a Lot of Camera Optimisation

The evidence is finally here, at least in South Korea, following a leaker’s tip to an update for the Galaxy S24 series a few days ago, which Samsung then confirmed in a press statement. It is to be expected that Samsung is initially rolling out the first update for the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra in its native nation. Although it isn’t very large at just under 555 MB, it is really powerful since, in addition to the February security patch, it has several new features and enhancements for the cameras.

More information regarding the modifications made to the Samsung Community

The new ‘Vividness’ option for modifying the display’s colour intensity, which many find excessively pale, is the only information directly mentioned in the update notification itself (see above). The Samsung Community spokesman who handles cameras, however, has provided detailed commentary on the modifications. In particular, the February update brings with it the following enhancements:

  • By modifying the brightness of backlit photos in high pixel mode, image quality has been enhanced.
  • enhanced legibility of text while utilising a high magnification zoom. (Only for Galaxy S24 Ultra)
  • enhanced sharpness and quality of images when using the rear cameras to film video. (Only for Galaxy S24 Ultra)
  • The brightness of interior dark regions has been raised, and the clarity of figures—that is, faces and people—has been enhanced in the photo mode preview. (Only for Galaxy S24 Ultra)
  • In the food mode, objects now appear more colourful.
  • Saturation and white balance adjustments in night mode have improved the colours in night photos.
  • When zooming in the gallery, the quality of the images has enhanced (for DNG formats with the Expert RAW software)
  • With the rear cameras, the depiction of moving objects in backlight during photo mode has been enhanced. (Only for Galaxy S24 Ultra)
  • In photo mode, there has been an improvement in the subjects’ exposure and colour reproduction (people, flowers, etc.). (Only for Galaxy S24 Ultra)

It’s unclear exactly when the February upgrade will be released globally.

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