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Telegram update includes video editor and more creative tools

A vigorous Telegram update has added video editing to the messaging application, as per a recent blog post. Clients can likewise add animated stickers to media, alongside a few other new highlights.

The “most powerful photo editor to be implemented in a messaging app,” as Telegram portrayed it, would now be able to be utilized to make a variety of changes to the video. Improve video quality in two taps, or manually change parameters like brightness and saturation. Draw on a video by utilizing the paintbrush tool and zoom in for accuracy. Animated stickers can likewise be added to videos and still photographs. A photograph rapidly becomes a GIF with the expansion of an animated sticker.

Telegram’s additionally improved its GIF board, including another trending section, emoticon-based tabs, faster loading times, and a tab for as of late utilized GIFs. Different updates make arranging talks in folders simpler and clean up the app for Android users. This latest round of updates came after Telegram announced up the application for Android clients. This most recent round of updates came after Telegram declared secure gathering brings in April.

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