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Vladimir Putin

President Biden Addresses Nation, Seeks Congressional Support for Israel and Ukraine

Washington, D.C.– In a rare Oval Office speech, President Joe Biden addressed the American people, expressing his commitment to support Israel and Ukraine by requesting additional funding from Congress. He underscored that both nations were defending democracy against different threats….

Russia Moves To Mask Military Trail By Advising Troops To Put Down Cell Phones

During a time of data fighting, Russia is returning to fundamentals in an offer to shield its mystery data from prying eyes, by advising troops to step far from their cell phones and social media. On Tuesday, Russia’s lower house…

Russia slams U.S. authorizes on Venezuela and guarantees to back Maduro

Russia extended its criticism of the U.S. position on Venezuela on Tuesday, describing the most recent authorizations against the government of President Nicolás Maduro as illegitimate, even as the Russian Finance Ministry recognized that its loans to Caracas were in…

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