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Pranav Panchbudhe – The youngest lad acing the digital realm

With the change in the era, mankind has marked the best of inventions in the field of technology.with technological advancement we have been able to explore not only to the earth but also to the life around us.

One such invention is of social media platforms. From connecting yourself to your dear ones to getting an online job, social media has played a huge role in our day to day life activities.

In this 21st century, we have seen a drastic change in the involvement of youth in social media. Surprisingly they have come up with various uses of these platforms and proved that this media is way more than just creating and maintaining a personal profile in it.

At a very age, teens start exploring social media. According to research,51% of youth is active in three major social media platforms –  Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Seeing social media from a very different perspective and then making efforts to build a career in a very little age, Pranav found his way.

Yes, you read it right.

Pranav Panchbudhe is an 18-year-old boy .born in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Adding your efforts to your passion for something will lead you to your way in the path of success. similarly, Pranav loved surfing about content creators and started following them. As his curiosity grew in this field, he was astonished to see that social media has just remained to the fact of sharing pictures and videos of their daily life. Wherein it can be used as a medium to achieve so many things in life.

It is rightly said that if your passion and dedication positively drive you, you can reach the heights of success. Having identified his inclination towards this, he started a page but failed. But he didn’t give up. He learned about Instagram algorithms and made a page on it which grew up to 1million+ followers in a year. He slowly was recognized in the community. He started earning money which motivated him more to get deeper into this industry. It has been a year, he switched to the TikTok platform. Now he owns and manages more than 10 pages at a time with 6million+ base.

Besides this, Pranav is also fluent in bitcoin and another cryptocurrency and is an avid trader of it.

Pranav can make a successful life for himself and he has come a long way in doing what he loves and is an independently happy person.

He truly sets an example for all those youth who are passionate enough to lead their life as Pranav did, that too in a very teenage.

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