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Digital marketing & e-commerce entrepreneur German Dolinsky Shares Valuable Advice for new and old companies

German Dolinsky is a competent digital marketing & e-commerce entrepreneur based in Dubai. He holds a degree in International Business Administration and then took a plunge in the business world. He always had the idea of doing his own business and thus becoming his boss. Thanks to a fair understanding of different types of online businesses and digital marketing along with knowing the talents surrounding sales and marketing. He worked in e commerce segment making several companies in this market and then went on to launch his consultancy –
He developed a good team of talented copywriters, graphic designers, and media buyers which helps many companies and other e-commerce businesses flourish in the market on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and TikTok with effective social media advertising. His firm has played an important role in helping many companies grow and reach higher on their success ladder. He owns multiple e-commerce brands and has some powerful and effective advice for online businesses. This has helped them prosper becoming big brands in the market.
He recommends his clients to have a proper business model before they start any venture. He feels that entrepreneurs can get a smooth sail in a turbulent market. Once you do so, you need to commit yourself to become a competitive businessman with patience. He encourages to enhance the skills and knowledge as it helps a lot. He calls ‘action’ to be the best teacher, and advocates to push with knowledge and professionalism rather than doing just for namesake. He feels failure is okay but one should learn from his or her mistakes. Doing these things can help everyone click ample opportunities.

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