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Pope Francis Calls Mary The First ‘Influencer,’ Twitter Growls — And Flinch

Pope Francis’ Twitter account tried being sharp about online networking Saturday by naming the Virgin Mary the first-ever “influencer” — despite the fact that she clearly had no web get to. Twitter was overwhelmed.

“With Mary’s ‘yes,‘” — apparently referring to the moment she acquiesced to become the virgin mother of Jesus Christ — Francis tweeted that she “became the first influencer: the ‘influencer’ of God.”

He communicated a comparable plan to a massive audience of young people simply outside Panama City Saturday.

“The young woman of Nazareth didn’t appear in the social networks of the time … but without wanting it or seeking it, she became the woman that had the biggest influence in history,” Pope Francis said in his World Youth Day address.

Many Twitter followers thought the perception was a hoot and participated in the soul of the thought. Be that as it may, some occupied with a discussion about whether Mary ever quite assented to end up pregnant with Christ.

Others found it embarrassing, and some considered it hypocritical given the church’s treatment of ladies — and the survivors of sexual assault by Catholic clergy members.

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