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Nailah Blackman expresses the true meaning of a friend through her single ‘Best Friend’

There are many relationships in a human’s life which makes living worth, but above all is the relation between true friends, believes the singer.

Nailah Blackman has taken her singing career more seriously as she now plans to bring out music which would touch a niche audience. Perhaps, that’s the reason her latest single is miles apart her previous ones and looks extremely engaging as it delves deep into the relationship of two friends. Her latest single ‘Best Friend’ is based on the relationship between friends who act as pillars of strength in each other’s lives. Nailah says that she has been thinking of bringing out music on those lines for a long time, and after working on its details, finally got it out for the audiences. In fact, the song is produced by Team Salut from the UK, who came all the way to Trinidad to get this amazing singer on board and also to experience the culture of the land, which impressed them to the core.

Nailah informs us that the song is based on the relationship between her and her best friend, who has always stood like a rock behind her in every situation of life. “She has been a lifesaver for me as when I entered this space, there were a lot of criticism which broke my confidence into pieces, she was the one who encouraged me not to lose hope and keep doing my work, always being focussed towards my goals. If not for her, I would have never made it till here,” says Nailah, who is forever indebted to her friend for the unconditional support and love she gave her without any expecting back anything in return.

The song ‘Best Friend’ is slated to release on 28th July, and she’s confident that it will touch many listeners hearts owing to its meaningful lyrics. Speaking more about the song, Nailah says, “The sound and beat of the song is definitely fusion as it has a pop and folk influence in it, along with the rhythmic structure of Zess music, which has caught up big time in the Carribbean. She is confident that this song too like her previous ones will amaze the listeners, and they would love every bit of it as it mentions about a relationship which everyone has experienced once in their lifetime.

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