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Nafez Husseini shares a few pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the social marketing world.

The Houston-based entrepreneur shares his views on how budding entrepreneurs can go about it to find success like him in the industry.

Even if we speak about the different young talents across the globe doing differently to sculpt a powerful and influential career for themselves in their chosen industries, it always feels much more discussions are needed around them for the world to gain inspiration from. These people, especially the younger generation, have come forward to showcase what they truly possess to carve a unique path for themselves and make a global presence with their work. Topping the list of such young entrepreneurs is Nafez Husseini from Jordan, who now has turned into a full-blown social media entrepreneur and an expert from Houston, Texas.

He is specialized in running Instagram accounts with millions of followers and is the owner of his social media company named Authority Media LLC, specializing in marketing, advertising and consulting by utilizing millions of followers and global campaigns. They grow brands and companies by using targeted campaigns, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Below, Nafez Husseini shares a few pieces of advice for budding entrepreneurs who wish to replicate success like him in the industry.

• Fall in love with work: When a person completely surrenders himself to what he does and loves what he do, no obstacle can ever be big enough, says Nafez Husseini. People must feel passionate about their work, which can help them stay on track no matter what.
• Never take no for an answer: Nafez Husseini says that when individuals work in dynamic and growing fields like social media and the digital space overall, things might not always work as predicted. Hence, entrepreneurs must hone their persuasion skills to make things happen when they are supposed to and never take no for an answer, focusing on what they seek in a business.
• Stay true to yourself: People will keep having opinions for others, but entrepreneurs must only focus on themselves and not worry about what others think. They must stay true to themselves and honest with the work they do.
• Provide smart solutions: Nafez Husseini suggests people to work upon modern-day solutions for modern-day problems of the business world. For that, they must keep learning every day and hone their skills constantly to become their better versions at business.

Nafez Husseini considers his secret to success to be hard work and persistence and staying honest in his work. He has made a name for himself by becoming a high-ranking person on Instagram and setting up hundreds of different business deals. Talking about overcoming the many obstacles in his life, Nafez Husseini says that he worked non-stop for months, had focus, determination and dedication. He also kept reading, buying courses, learned a lot and made deals happen.

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