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After getting through a difficult year and a beginning of 20201 that did not seem to give up, Krono Polo managed to grow and continue to expand, ignoring the time to think about what to do in the midst of the crisis and, on the contrary, acting in favor to continue fighting to become known in the world of polo.

Camila Mejía Posada, founder of Krono, has been in charge of keeping afloat a company that, although it was founded just over a year ago, has already made great strides in a short time, taking an industry that in itself is already quite competitive. However, Camila has managed to show that great ideas, passion for what is done and constant work can bring great results in less than what is expected.

With only 33 years of age, Camila Mejía has consolidated a brand that is projected internationally and every day we see how she manages to conquer that challenge; It may be an early age to be at the helm of a brand with a global and growing reach, but it has been his experience in demanding areas of design that has allowed him to forge his determination in seeking to set himself high challenges and not stop fighting for them

We can identify Krono Polo as a reflection of what Camila is: a young and fresh woman, who enjoys life in the city without losing her country roots; This is how she defines Krono herself, a brand that preserves polo traditions but with a contemporary and sophisticated approach.

Currently, Krono has managed to reach a total of twenty-four countries on the five continents, in addition to having five partner stores that sell their products in five more countries. If we start from the fact that this was what was achieved in the first year of the creation of the company and, just that same year the impact of the pandemic was generated, we can assure that what is to come will be of the same magnitude as what has been achieved so far .

With the year 2021 underway, Krono expects to double what was achieved in the previous year (which in itself is already a challenge) although it is necessary to note that it is nothing that the brand cannot achieve, taking as a reference the surprise that has given during 2020. Krono Polo products are available in different specialized stores, in places where a fervent love for polo is breathed and where the brand is positioned as a benchmark, since many customers come to these places specifically in search of the Krono brand.

It is necessary to remember that Krono Polo has a constantly updated portal, friendly when it is used and through which the entire portfolio can be known, which has many references in search of offering different solutions to the client, and finally add to the cart shopping the different clothes that he wants to buy. Another option with which Krono accounts is to place orders through Instagram or WhatsApp, the response times are short and in many cases the person who responds is Camila herself, who ensures that she knows the needs of her followers and guarantees a good service at all times.

If we could define the attributes that Krono has, they would be: constant innovation, originality and global reach; This being a translation of what Camila is, a woman who constantly challenges herself and with a vision that allows her to get away from her every day.

You can visit and discovers everything that Krono Polo has for you.


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