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Life Is Never Just All Perfect And Sorted – Become Flawesome

If you look at other people on social media and think their life is perfect, you’re mistaken. People on social media tend only to show the brighter side of their lives. Parties, travel, achievements, fun, and everything jolly. But what about the other side? What about struggles? What about pain? What about the slow and steady efforts? No one is sharing them. No one talks about them. However, Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, in her book, “#BecomingFlawesome,” talks about it.

If you look around and feel that only you are struggling, and others are just in merry, that is not the scenario. Life is sometimes hard on everyone. Everyone has an equal share of pain, struggles, and discomfort. So, comparing your life to the glowy and bright side of others they portray on social media is not ideal. It not only takes your peace away, but you can also not enjoy the small joys and gifts that life throws at you. #BecomingFlawesome is something to give a positive approach to your life.

Life Tests All: How You Respond Matters The Most

Everyone is going through something in life. There are a lot of beautiful surprises that life will throw at you. How you take it matters the most! Your perception of things will create the whole story for you. People think life is black or white, good or bad, happy or sad, but it is not. Life is nothing but shades of grey. So, if you think your life is not balanced and perfect, everyone is going through the same. It is how you manage to steal those moments of happiness from the rough patches of life.

Why don’t you accept yourself? Accepting yourself will take away most of your fears. Especially the fear of rejection by others stops our joy the most. Therefore, start accepting yourself and embracing life as it comes.

These days, the “Good vibes only” concept is getting famous. But do you think it is practical? Kristina says, “I believe that the biggest problem of contemporary society is emotional analgesia. We learn to ignore emotional pain, focusing on the positive and demanding good vibes only, slapping on band-aids and popping paracetamols to feel better, while our lives break and deteriorate from undetected trauma.” However, acknowledging your traumas and fears and then dealing with them is the real way of developing.

Self-care is another essential point that comes to play. When you start caring for yourself, mentally and physically, your focus shifts to the positive. No matter if life throws lemons at you. You will be ready here with a delicious lemonade.

Become Flawesome Is The Way

Therefore, #Becomingflawesome is the ideal way to look at life. In her book, Kristina has beautifully talked about every concept in detail. You will feel empowered once you read the book. Many other topics are discussed in the book, making the reader feel empowered and in charge of life. Life is beautiful. All you need is the right perception; you will find joy in each moment.

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