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Google Photos is Developing New Feature for Faces in Memories

Thanks to its fairly good facial recognition technology, Google Photos is already a wonderful tool to organize and relive your memories. But things happen, and you might not want to see particular faces in your memories any longer. You’ll be happy to hear that there might be a fix on the way if you’ve ever flipped through your photo collection and felt uncomfortable looking at some of the memories you wish you could keep concealed.

An future update of Google Photos reportedly lets you “Show less” of a specific individual. This adds a delightful depth to the encounter. Though their faces won’t be as visible in Memories, you may still search through their images in your main collection.

This is a more understated version of the current “Block face” option, which takes them out of group photographs and Memories completely, possibly preventing you from viewing some photos in their entirety.

In order to use the feature, look for a new area in your “People & Pets” section that is labeled “Hide face from memories.” Furthermore, a clear options path will be generated by Google Photos: options > Preferences > Memories > Hide people & pets. This makes it simple to control the faces you see most frequently as you capture those meaningful photo excursions. Although it’s not yet included in the public app version, Google is presently evaluating and improving the feature. Users will surely love having this additional option to design their Memories, even though there is no official release date and it will likely be one of those staged roll-outs.

Small changes to what you see can occasionally have a significant impact on how you experience your priceless photo collections overall, particularly if your photo library contains decades’ worth of memories.

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