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Leica and Xiaomi Form a Joint Optical Institute to Advance Smartphone Camera Technology

Together, Xiaomi and Leica are creating the most cutting-edge optical institute for smartphone technology in the world. It is known as Xiaomi x Leica Optical Institute, and the two businesses will pool their resources to develop a comprehensive product that combines computational photography, artificial intelligence, and smartphone camera optics.

The institute will concentrate on four key technical aspects that contribute to a great cameraphone: computational photography, research and development of optoelectronic technologies, establishing rigorous optical standards for lenses, and ultra-precision optical lenses in a small form factor appropriate for smartphones.

The next smartphone to feature the best of Xiaomi and Leica’s partnership is the impending Xiaomi 14 Ultra flagship, which also signals the start of more sophisticated research in the area.

Under the direction of renowned optical designer Peter Karbe, who created Leica’s fourth-generation lenses, the two businesses want to establish three labs in Beijing that would house over 200 specialists.

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