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Google’s Major Changes To Phones With Android 15 Will Surprise You

With the introduction of Android 15, Google is laying the groundwork for a revolution in how they utilise cameras on mobile devices. “Eyes Free Videography,” a cutting-edge technology intended to significantly enhance the quality of films made with third-party camera apps, is one of the anticipated improvements. It promises to provide better video stabilisation, revolutionising the photography experience on smartphones.

Google has seen a big hole in the market: there aren’t many video stabilisation solutions that are on par with the native camera app. This is particularly noticeable as third-party applications like Snapchat and Instagram are becoming more and more popular because of their sophisticated features and filters.

In order to better address this issue, Android 15 has introduced a new extension to the Camera2 API. This will make it easier for these applications to integrate powerful video stabilisation features.

Android 15 will SURPRISE you, what Major Changes Google is making for Phones

Developers will have access to a variety of tools using the new API, which is rumoured to be named Camera2. These tools include:

  • Cars: adjusts camera settings based on lighting conditions;
  • Bokeh: accentuates the subject by blurring the background;
  • Face retouching: improves skin appearance and reduces imperfections;
  • HDR: optimizes the exposure range for sharper and more detailed images;
  • Night mode: Improves camera performance in low light conditions.

The “Eyes Free” video stabilisation feature, which is currently included in Android 14, will be added to these features. This will be a game-changer for the mobile market. This feature will automatically focus and stabilise the target item or location, enabling users to capture high-quality films even when moving.

You may easily access these extensions by going to Settings > Security & privacy > Additional security & privacy > Permit camera software extensions. As a result, users will be able to activate sophisticated features for independent camera apps, greatly enhancing the calibre of recorded movies.

For fans of mobile photography and videography, Android 15 is expected to be a crucial release that solidifies Google’s standing as a pioneer in mobile software innovation. Regardless of their preferred camera app, users will be able to fully utilise the capabilities of the smartphone camera thanks to these enhancements.

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