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Kody White: The new cash cow channel king & entrepreneur giving you opportunities to monetize through YouTube.

Making YouTube an income-generating system & encouraging youngsters to earn from it is a child’s play for White.

Knowing what technology can do & making use of the same in the most efficient manner is something we can learn from young entrepreneurs who are optimizing the various potentials of the online world. There is so much that the internet offers. One can’t get enough of the multiple income-opportunities it provides an individual. However, making the correct use of the medium is also equally important to turn such online mediums into something that can act as a source of income. Optimizing one such online space – YouTube is Kody White. YouTube is still the best when it comes to earning money online & sometimes making even millions. White did the same; today, he owns 20 cash cow channels & his net worth is $3,500,000.

Talking about White’s journey till now, just like any other youngster he too wanted to become successful in life by becoming an entrepreneur, but in order to do that he started off with doing odd jobs at the age of 14. He saved a few bucks to buy an Elgato Capture Card & started with creating gaming videos. He saw a great deal of potential to expand his business through YouTube with this idea. So, at the age of 15, he started to grow his cash cow channels on YouTube. After facing disapproval from society & also battling the struggles that came his way, he managed to launch his first cash cow channel in 2016.

Slowly & steadily, White learnt all the techniques of the business & gained a lot of experience & with that also started applying the same knowledge in making other channels as well. With using his working methods, he created multiple channels & started growing them. He saw his confidence rising when he gained 100 million views on YouTube for the first time in his career, which earned him his first $50K a month.

As his channels started seeing the uprise, he decided to provide a course online through which he can benefit other youngsters as well to earn from cash cow channels on YouTube. He named his channel YTMoney which represents not only him but also the monetization aspect of YouTube, according to White. He has created this useful medium to help others to leverage YouTube & earn from building up their own cash cow channels. Since the inception of YTMoney, his only aim has been to grow not only his empire but also to grow his client’s channels & make them earn at least a monthly income of $10K. 

His aim to do the same was fulfilled in 2020 & his empire made $100,000 a month & one of his top clients made $60,000 in a month. This proved White’s expertise in the business & the skills he possessed to monetize the online platform with faceless YouTube monetization channels.

White lastly urges young entrepreneurs to wake up & set goals for themselves just like he does & accomplish all of them one by one not only for themselves but for their company as well.

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