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Justice HQ Co-Founder Robert Simon Believes AI Will Be Coming To Legal Industry By 2022

Attorney Robert Simon, Co-Founder of Justice HQ, Opens Up About AI In Legal Industry

We are aware that technology is beneficial to us in many ways. We have adopted technology in many fields, but still, there are a few fields that have come face to face with the advantages of technology only in recent times of pandemic. One such field is the legal industry, and Attorney Robert Simon has taken it upon him to explain how technology is being integrated into the industry.

Robert Simon is one of the co-founders of Simon Law Group and the founder of Justice HQ. Talking about the way technology has changed the legal industry, Robert says, “The legal industry has seen a massive change in the last one year owing to technology and it is just the beginning. The pandemic has provided a fast pace to the process of integration of technology and there’s simply no stopping it. We ma get to see AI in the legal industry as soon as 2022.”

Many of the traditionally operating law firms have started using virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet only during the pandemic. When people started working from their homes, they became aware of the power held by technology for assisting small law firms. Twin brothers, Robert and Brad Simon are the co-founders of Simon Law Group and they are not new to the use of technology in law practices. They have adopted technology in their firm since the last decade.

Technology has aided them in various aspects of their business such as consultations, depositions, the tedious discovery process, and even in snail mail sorting. They have saved both cost and time which was otherwise difficult when operating from a physical office. Robert says, “Why attorneys and law firms hesitated to use technology in their daily practices is still unclear to me. May be the reason is the fact that they were unaware of how it works or simply loved the traditional methods. It is shocking to know that the LA County was using DOS system (disk operating system) till five years ago! Technology must be integrated in firms if the intent is truly to scale up and become successful quickly.”

Talking about AI Robert says, “AI will become a part of the legal industry in the coming years. An algorithm working on AI will need to go through 10000 legal documents of high quality in order to be able to create them on its own. A lawyer will be required to sign them off after going through them and approving them obviously. In any case, it will be a game-changer. The time it will save will be truly fascinating.” In the end, Simon concluded by saying, “We at Justice HQ have a fully equipped storage facility for all the high-quality legal docs which will simplify the process of submitting them to AI algorithm. I have myself seen the demos and it will be coming soon. It wont be a surprise to see it by 2022 or possibly even earlier.”

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