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Didi Wong is also an acclaimed international serial entrepreneur, award-winning speaker and angel investor with expertise in a wide range of industries….

Didi Wong is a woman of independent nature. She makes every effort to make the women of the world self-reliant. She is a successful woman as well as a very good philosopher, Didi Wong is the founder and CEO of Yes Academy, who is confident, connections and Is a resultant and driven educational program for entrepreneurs with a focus on cash flow. Didi Wong and her husband Michael own an interior design company J2D2 Designs, where they have completed a full multi-million-dollar renovation with a focus on their signature transitional style and feng shui. Didi Wong is also an experienced real estate investor. Didi Wong is an executive producer with Larry King on a television show with “In Case You Didn’t Have a Nick Nonton” on Amazon Prime Video. Didi Wong is the producer and lead of a conscious television show called “Awakening Giants”, currently in its second season where entrepreneurs pull to their limits in personal transformation, directed by seven-time Emmy Award winner of “Amazing Race” Producer Evan Weinstein has done. Didi Wong has also started the film “The Million Dollar Woman” about women empowerment as executive producer and host.

Didi Wong was born in England and now lives in Los Angeles, Didi Wong She is an acclaimed international serial entrepreneur, award-winning speaker and angel with expertise in industries such as public speaking, startup, entertainment, investing and speaking coaching. There are also investors, Didi Wong is the president of the Women’s Economic Forum out of Los Angeles and the forum is made up of more than 1000 chapters in 150 countries. Didi Wong loves international relations for women around the world and the Forum organizes conferences around the world, including Italy, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Costa Rica. Didi Wong loves this forum because it gives her the opportunity to connect with women around the world. The idea behind this is to inspire every woman to become a businessman. In addition, it is big on female entrepreneurship, inclusiveness and diversity.

Didi Wong was in the lead role in a feature documentary on her journey as a speaker on the business show “Elevator Pitch”, as well as a speaker named “Impact”, which earned her the “Best Inspirational Film” globally Has won major film festivals. Didi Wong was awarded a certificate of recognition by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for helping women entrepreneurs succeed and Didi Wong was knighted as “Lady Didi Wong” in the year 2021, according to a well-known magazine Where she will join the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen Spain to further the Royal initiative at the Royal and International level.

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