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The Android 14 Upgrades Are Sent To The Galaxy A53 And Galaxy A14

As Samsung proceeds with its Android 14 rollout, One UI 6 is presently advancing toward the World A53 and the super-reasonable System A14.

Somewhat early, the World A14 fired getting its Android 14 update recently. The $199 gadget sent off in January 2023 and truly stood out enough to be noticed, on account of Samsung’s update strategy, which guarantees two significant Android updates and four years of safety patches – essentially unbelievable costing that much. However, android 15 will be the last update for the World A14 following the current week’s overhaul.

Close by that update, Samsung is additionally growing its rollout to the System A53.

The organization’s 2022 midrange discharge is presently getting the update in the UK, as SamMobile notes, yet it ought to advance toward different locales rapidly. Samsung recently sent off its One UI 6 update on Cosmic system A54, the A53’s spin-off, recently.

Up until this point, Samsung has delivered stable One UI 6 updates for north of twelve gadgets, with more to come in the following couple of months.

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