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Interview with Shug One, an Iranian Singer and Producer About His Career

For Shug One, music’s never been about the chaotic of none-sense sounds, but instead an apollo for which he chooses to ploy hearts and souls with. Complexity behind simplicity mark the very core of what Shugone is about, and can be valued to the profound impact that the 80’s and rock songs on him which drove his style to electronic, hip-hop and trap throughout decades.

He is well known for his production for spectacular artists such as Sogand, MehradHidden, Zakhmi, Canis, Behzad Leito. He also released his own single “Jav” from Major platform. And currently working to release his 1st album.

In fact, composition is a piece of music, its creation, and its construction. A piece of music in composition is created by notation or a single sound event. A musical composition, if it is composed before performance, can be performed from memory, written notes, or a combination of them. Musical compositions include musical elements that vary widely from person to person and between cultures. (Improvisation is the art of making music while performing)

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