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Initial Orders For The iPhone 15 Pro Greatly Outpaced Those For The iPhone 14 Pro Mix

In August 2023, Apple sent more display panels for the series in anticipation of the release of the iPhone 15 than it had the year before, and a higher percentage of those displays were for the Pro models.
Apple needs to set up its supply chain to dispatch shipments of displays to its assembly partners in advance of the September launch of new iPhones. The percentage of shipments Apple orders in the months prior to the release might fluctuate over time based on demand.

Display Supply Chain Consultants’ research shows that compared to the iPhone 14 generation in August 2022, the volume of shipments for display panels used in the iPhone 15 generation increased by 23% in August.

While this would suggest greater demand, it may also reflect Apple’s efforts to minimise supply chain problems for the iPhone 15 in comparison to the iPhone 14 Pro line, which was notoriously delayed due to COVID problems in China that affected a key manufacturing.

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DSCC data for the three-month period from June to August demonstrates how Apple’s model orders change over time. Including modifications to Pro models and non-Pro edition orders.

The iPhone 14 Pro models accounted for roughly 35% of June 2022 shipment totals, and the iPhone 15 Pro models contributed a similar percentage in June 2023. Pro models made up over 45% of shipments in July 2022 and nearly 50% of shipments in July 2023.

The proportion of the iPhone 14 Pro models tipped over 50% in August 2022, but the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max had a 59% share in August 2023.

The three-month period saw a 49% share for iPhone 14 Pro models in 2022 and a 55% share for iPhone 15 Pro models in 2023.

Samsung Display held a dominant share of 91% of the display orders for the iPhone 15 series in the three-month period, according to the DSCC note published on Monday. In contrast, the 2022 iPhone 14 series got an 84% share.

The availability of all four models from Samsung Display in August 2023 helped it maintain its market dominance of 87%, while LG Display secured 13% after obtaining 9% of the orders for the iPhone 15 Pro during that month.

Additionally, according to DSCC, Chinese display manufacturer BOE will begin supplying displays for the iPhone 15 later in 2023. For the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14, BOE already provides panels.

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