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Google is Discontinuing Support for the Google Pay App in the Month of June, In the US

Since Google Wallet has essentially taken the place of Google Pay, Google has announced that Google Pay will close in the US in June. According to the corporation, the change is intended to make its payment apps simpler. The standalone app will only be accessible in Singapore and India when it closes in the US.

Since Google Wallet is the go-to, one app for its payment features, it makes sense for Google to combine and streamline its payment apps even though the move may appear abrupt. This will help consumers understand its services better.

Google Wallet, which the company claims is five times more popular in the US than Google Pay, allows users to continue using the app’s most well-liked features.

Users will not be able to send, request, or receive money using the Google Pay app in the United States after June 4. The Google Pay app allows users to check and transfer their money to their bank account until that date. After that date, you can access your money on the Google Pay website and move it to your bank if you still have it.

The business claims that users who were able to locate discounts and deals via the Google Pay app can still do so by visiting the new deals destination on Google Search.

For mobile payments, Google Wallet is the company’s principal option in the US and probably always will be. Using the app, you may pay with your phone at retail establishments, hop on an airline, take public transportation, use store loyalty cards, and use a digital key to start your automobile.

According to Google, millions of users across more than 180 countries use Google Pay to complete their in-store, desktop, and mobile purchases.

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