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WhatsApp Launches Secured Conversations for Android Users on Connected Devices: Here’s How

Particularly on the online version, WhatsApp has been planning to provide secured chats and more devices for its users. But for the time being, if you have connected your WhatsApp account to another phone, you may access the security feature on Android in the beta avatar.

Meta introduced the feature of locking chats, which prevented unauthorised access and added an additional degree of security on top of the device biometrics already in place. WhatsApp chats that are locked on the primary device will automatically lock on any associated devices as well in the latest Android beta version.

Whatsapp Chat Lock On Linked Decices: How To Make It Work

Currently, a small number of users are being tested for the feature in the new Android version in beta. This week, Wabetainfo released a screenshot of the functionality that is now undergoing testing. It is evident that the Locked Chat folder is located at the top of the Linked Device’s WhatsApp main screen.

The most important feature of the new tool is that you will need to generate a secret code from the primary device settings in order for the chat lock PIN to function for the Linked Device. The tipster notes that when they set up the secret code, their encrypted discussions will be available only through the closed chats screen and will vanish from the list of conversations on their connected devices.

It appears from the beta version that you only need to set up one secret code on the primary WhatsApp account device, and it will sync to all associated devices, saving you the trouble of setting it up on each one.

WhatsApp closed chats were only meant to be used on your phones; if you used the web version of WhatsApp in a browser, the locked chats were made public by default. By adding this capability to the messaging software, the issue will be completely resolved and users will have even more motivation to connect their devices to WhatsApp accounts without worrying about their data being compromised.

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