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Starz Debuts On YouTube TV in the US and the UK and On Amazon Prime in Germany

The Starz premium channel, which debuted this morning on Amazon Prime in the UK and Germany and will be available on YouTube TV in the US next month, was highlighted by Lionsgate. During a conference call with investors today, Lionsgate…

Google is Discontinuing Support for the Google Pay App in the Month of June, In the US

Since Google Wallet has essentially taken the place of Google Pay, Google has announced that Google Pay will close in the US in June. According to the corporation, the change is intended to make its payment apps simpler. The standalone…

Kurt Thomas, First US men’s gymnastics to win world champion, died at 64

Kurt Thomas, an energizing athlete whose scissor-kicking moves sent groups into a furor and helped him become the principal American man to win a big showdown, just to see his mission for Olympic gold frustrated by the U.S. blacklist of…

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