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GMC Sierra Tailgate Recall Final Fix is Released by GM

GM has released a final repair for a defect in the tailgate release switch on some 2024 GMC Sierra HD pickups. Replacing the faulty item will finally allow the switch to operate properly again.

The remedy is outlined in Customer Satisfaction Program number N232426401 and is accessible until May 31st, 2026. It is applicable to GMC Sierra 1500 trucks manufactured in Canada exclusively from 2020 to 2024.

The General instructs qualified service technicians to replace the malfunctioning part with a new, correctly operating tailgate outside release switch assembly. This comes after a previous step in the recall procedure where technicians turned off the switch in GMC Sierra vehicles that were under recall to stop the tailgate from opening while the vehicle was being driven.

The original recall document stated that the issue was caused by water seeping into the tailgate switch. Once water got into the switch, the internal circuitry shorted out, causing the tailgate to unlatch while the truck was in park. Once the automobile started going, momentum and air pressure would force the tailgate to open, possibly spilling cargo-bed contents onto the road and posing a risk of collision. Owners of Canadian Sierra 1500 and HD models are eligible for a complimentary solution.

After more research, the recall, which initially covered 545,722 pickup trucks (including GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado models), was expanded to include 819,566 cars by March 2024. The recall and subsequent final remedy also cover an additional 249,132 trucks of both types in Canada.

Under the hood, the updated 2024 Sierra HD is equipped with a standard naturally aspirated 6.6L V8 L8T gasoline engine that produces 464 pound-feet of torque and 401 horsepower. The 6.6L V8 L5P turbodiesel Duramax engine, which has been enhanced for the 2024 redesign and produces 975 pound-feet of torque and 470 horsepower, is an optional option. The 10-speed automatic transmission bearing the Allison trademark handles the output from both engines.

The pickup’s construction, meanwhile, is supported by a more capable version of the GM T1 platform. Production of the updated 2024 GMC Sierra HD takes place at the Michigan-based GM Flint facility.

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