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Film Director Alois Nashali Promises To Go Vocal For Locals This Year

Independent film director Alois Nashali,whose full name is Alois Mulinda Nashali who is currently based in Ottawa, Canada, has promised to use his talents to speak up for his local community this year.

 Filmmaker Alois Nashali has focused most of his recent work on community and grass-roots youth led initiatives groups, Alois has been very active on different social media platforms recently, Especially his instagram account ( has been one of his major platforms he’s been very active to communicate the issues and perspectives his audience do co-relate to.which has also helped him to gain a massive range of followers.

Speaking to us today on a phone interview, Filmmaker Alois Nashali expressed his desires and hopes to reach a wider audience and show how important it is to offer support to those who are in need. Given the current global pandemic.

“it is now more than ever that we need locals to band together and offer support to each other. The economic crisis that we all are facing is impacting every local, with small businesses being hit the hardest”.

The recent global health crisis has so far seen a big number of so many small businesses and self employed sectors closing their doors for good, the impact is felt by communities everywhere and morale is dangerously low. This is why it is so important for young, motivated and hard working voices like Alois Nashali to document these impacts and generate compassion with his audiences.

“It is only by working together, and giving a voice to groups that are not able to easily represent themselves, that we can help each other and eliminate some of the hardships that we all are facing; on a global and individual scale”.

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