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Meet the new trendsetter of the entrepreneurial world, Farhaz Kheraj

This hustler believes in not just dreaming, but also planning and executing ideas the right way to make a business successful.

Dreams can only become a reality for all those who dare to take the first step towards the risk with consistency in efforts without getting affected by any discouragement or negativity. There are many in this world who have no words of appreciation for an individual when they see him/her growing in their careers and life. It is essential to understand that people must not bat an eye on all of this and only continue on their path to fulfill their dreams. A great example of a human being and an entrepreneur who always kept his eyes straight at his goals is Farhaz Kheraj hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.

He is a 26 year old young businessman who always dreamt of becoming his own boss and grow a business of his own. Today, he stands tall as the founder and CEO of his sports consulting firm named TrustMySystem. This venture of his promises to work with 100% transparency and accuracy in its services. They believe in offering nominal packages in the industry and provide the best quality customer service. Today, it is considered to be one of the best firms in America in the sports consulting space.

Kheraj’s journey started when he was all of just 16. He became the first youngster who dealt in iPhones; he bought, unlocked and flipped them on Craigslist as a side hustle. He always had the knack of finding newer fields and industries and aimed to explore the same with his novel ideas and concepts. He completed his studies from the University of Georgia and did his major in Management Information Systems.

It was in 2018 that Kheraj started working for Deloitte Consulting, but he took the risk of leaving a high income earning job to start his expedition as an entrepreneur. It was this tough decision then that has made Kheraj a renowned young entrepreneur today of the US.

The young mind says that people always do not want you to win. They most of the times, make fun of your dreams, laugh at you and make you feel bad about your goals; however, it is essential to know one thing that mindset is everything. Hence, it is vital to believe in yourself and not let the world know about your ideas till it has been executed.

To all the youngsters out there, Kheraj also wants to make them understand that only dreaming won’t help make their dreams a reality. It is proper planning and execution that helps an individual carve his/her career as a successful entrepreneur. He says that time and efforts are required to help you in your journey to success as it cannot be achieved overnight, making the ability of consistency also of crucial importance.

Kheraj suggests other that one must never stop trying and shouldn’t be surrounded by fear to start the things they wish to do till they achieve their goals. People can even start at a smaller scale at first to achieve bigger success later. This helps in boosting the self-morale and confidence of an individual. Kheraj believes that focus and enthusiasm is what people must possess to set higher goals and achieve massive results.

Rekha Purohit teaches in the English department at a well known University. Many feel Rekhas' most famous work is her short story. She has completed her technical degree from India. Now she is onboard with Resident Weekly as a freelance writer for Technical News.
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