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Elie Saba believes that when determined efforts meet the right mental attitude, any professional can take over their areas of interest.

Elie Saba believes that when determined efforts meet the right mental attitude, any professional can take over their areas of interest.

Year after year, we may come across people who exhibit their unique passion and enthusiasm for one thing or the other. All these people are the ones who believe in giving in their best to make it big in their areas of interest. Hence, it is important to also read and learn more about all these individuals whose determined efforts and a strong mental attitude has always been by their side in transforming them into a successful individual. Elie Saba is one such individual from the vast nightlife industry of the UAE, who is originally a Lebanese but is the one who has made his unique place across the industry.

Elie Saba is that high-performing nightlife professional who has been one of the hands behind the success of the Addmind Group, a colossal company that consists of the many prominent nightlife brands and outlets, including WHITE Dubai. WHITE Dubai serves as one of the best known and award-winning rooftop club in Dubai, attracting all across the world. In the year 2004, the journey of this passionate being started in the nightlife industry where he worked as a bartender for Addmind for one of its outlets in Beirut named ‘House of Salad’. As years passed, Elie Saba developed more skills and strong business acumen, which helped him lead his way to much higher positions in the industry.

It was in the year 2013 when Elie Saba shifted to Dubai and started WHITE Dubai, which is the city’s first open rooftop nightclub, enthralling people with its open spaces and giving a stunning look of Dubai’s skyline. Talking about Addmind Group, the company has been a part of the hospitality industry for so many years and has expanded the brand with opening different venues like Iris, which is for friendly and internationalist audiences, Sucre, which is an award-winning restaurant space. It has CLAP, a space with free-spirited energy and vibe, CAPRICE L.T.D, which is the only nightclub that has hosted several A-listers and international artists.

Elie Saba plays a huge role in being a part of the large Addmind Group, where he manages many other clubs and has come at the forefront of the industry in a very short period of time. He has made it his aim to be a part of the evolving nature of the industry, be in sync with the same and make revolutions across the nightlife industry that will only elevate the experiences of people for the better.


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